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An Extraordinary Place

Have you ever dreamed of going to the world of Peter Pan, to a Neverland of your own, to a fairytale land of carefree, joy, euphoria and magic? Come and join the extraordinary adventure of Neverland, where you can enjoy breathtaking circus attractions, laugh your heart out, or make new friends in the circus animals, getting to know them in the enchanting nature of the Rhodope Mountains. For the brave, for the adventurous, for the adventurers, for the explorers and for you we have prepared a land of exciting experiences, of magic and endless happiness. Don’t hesitate! Hurry, so we can share this magic together soon!

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The biggest circus in Bulgaria is the heart of VeliLand. And as such it deserves a world-class circus programme. Artists from Ukraine, Romania, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Brazil and Kyrgyzstan, winners of prestigious awards from the biggest circus festivals around the world, present one of their most awarded acts. The Zola troupe from Mongolia, winners of the Bronze Clown Award at the Monte Carlo World Circus Festival, two silver and one gold medal at the three most prestigious circus festivals in China, performed a world record in circus acrobatics – a double somersault on a column of six people tall – in front of the VelliLand audience. Clowns, aerial acrobats, jugglers, horse jiggers, the only 5D hologram wildlife show will transport you to the magical world of world circus art. Host of the shows is the brilliant Dragomir Draganov.
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Come and experience the miracle of the circus with us!

The host of the program is the brilliant Dragomir Draganov.

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