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Мюзикълът "MAMMA MIA" отново във Велинград на сцената на ВелиЛенд

След десетки постановки по целият свят и над 60 милиона зрители, спектакълът, поставен от Национална опера и балет под режисурата на самия акад. Пламен Карталов, гостува в гр. Велинград на сцената на ВЕЛИЛЕНД. Звездите:Владимир Михайлов, Весела Делчева, Людмила Козарева и техните уникални изпълнения на живо на песните на „ABBA“ ще пренесат зрителите на гръцки остров, където любовта, страстите и изненадващи теситуации ни въвличат в една завладяваща романтична комедия. 🎫: Купете своите билети още днес Магазин Goto Gold and Silver, гр. Велинград, ул. "Юндола" 1А СПА Хотел SANTÉ, гр. Велинград Резервации: +359 877 222 203

ВЕЛИЛЕНД - Забавления безкрай за цялото семейство

Have you ever dreamed of going to the world of Peter Pan, to a Neverland of your own, to a fairytale land of carefree, joy, euphoria and magic? We have created our "Neverland" with much care and love and named it "VeliLand" - a play on words in which we encoded the name of our city - "Velingrad" and the spirit of the place - "Land of Adventure". In it we brought together the magic of the circus, the unadulterated children's joy of play and the parents' enjoyment of a holiday spent in close proximity to their children. We have created an extraordinary place where magic comes alive - come and be part of it!

Using Super Modern Technology

13 meter hologram

Come and for the very first time in Bulgaria experience a breathtaking 360-degree 5D illusion hologram show that will literally bring you to another world!

Специално за вас,

Purchase Of Tickets

Ticket for circus

Tickets for our shows can be purchased at:

  • at the VelliLand box office during opening hours;
  • online at
  • in the GOTO Gold and Silver shop in the centre of the town. In the shops of GOTO & Gold and Gold & Gold in the shops of GOTO & Gold in the shops of Gold and Gold in the shops of GOTO & Gold in the shops of Velingrad. In the market of Velingrad – in the shop of the hotel “Velingrad” – 1 A “Yundola”.

The duration of the circus performances lasts about two and a half hours. Every 45 – 50 minutes there is an intermission lasting about 15 minutes, during which you can enjoy delicious food and drinks from our food area or surprise the kids with a horse ride or face painting.

Ticket for attractions

VeliLand is open the following hours:


Tickets include free admission and use of all attractions within VeliLand for the whole day.

Admission to the park is free and is not conditional on the purchase of a circus ticket.

Please note that all purchases on the grounds of VeliLand such as food, beverages or accessories are paid for contactless via magnetic card. The card will be loaded with an amount of your choice at the VelliLand box office, and any unused amount will be refunded in cash when the card is returned, along with a full accounting of purchases made.

At the entrance to Velingrad, on the left side

We await you

Working hours

The amusement park is free to visit and is not tied to the purchase of a circus ticket:


Circus shows start at:

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